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Sales Training

Sales training is one of the most valuable skill sets in the world, and we are the best at it. Period. How? Unlike other pest control companies, Kindred focuses on apprenticeship styled one-on-one training, rather than a predominant classroom setting. The numbers don’t lie, reps that have switched over to Kindred from other companies had an average increase of 338%! That’s no joke. If you made 100 sales with another company you would make around 338 with Kindred.

Personal Development



We are unified and dedicated in our purpose to help our reps excel at life. It’s not just about making lump sums of money, it’s about the learning and personal changes required to achieve it, and the decisions made once it’s earned.

Financial Coaching &

Entrepreneurship Training

The more money you make the easier it is to spend, especially for young adults that don’t know what else to do with their hard earned money. Kindred offers continual financial training and advice to ensure that they will have the knowledge and ability to be financially savvy.

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You will make $4000 more on average when you recruit a sales buddy.


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We set no boundries on how much money you can make. We’ll help you every step of the way.

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